Beware: Human traffickers are not reliable source of information about living conditions in Europe. They are criminals. Human traffickers deliberately spread rumours and false information in order to encourage people to risk the dangerous journey to Europe.

All those who place their fate in the hands of human traffickers are risking their lives – there are tragic examples of this every day.

Refugees do not have the right to choose a particular country of residence. Under European law, people who arrive in the EU without an entry visa must register in the country where they first arrived and apply for asylum there. If you do not do so and, for example, apply for asylum directly in Germany, you will be sent back to the country where you entered the EU.

Rejected asylum seekers will be deported, must pay for the deportation and will be banned from re‑entering the whole Schengen area for several years.

European refugee crisis 2016 Enlarge image European refugee crisis 2016 - long queues of refugees (© picture alliance / dpa, © dpa)

Most refugees do not know this. Therefore Germany is informing people through its campaign #RumoursAboutGermany

·about Germany’s efforts to combat the causes of migration and flight in the countries of origin and transit countries and to create opportunities which will encourage them to stay there. People affected on the ground should have better prospects for the future.

· about false information and rumours, to prevent people from risking their lives by deciding to flee to Germany on the basis of false information.

·about the objective and latest legal and factual situation in Germany and Europe.

Don’t trust people smugglers. Don’t risk your life. Get the facts.

European refugee crisis 2016 Enlarge image Hundreds of refugees are waiting in the old Athens airport building (© picture alliance / dpa, © dpa)

New German asylum laws: On February 25, the German Parliament voted to tighten German laws on asylum.

The new rules are designed to speed up the processing of asylum claims, to better distribute the refugees within Germany and to make expulsions and deportations easier.

Family reunion is not possible within the first two years in Germany for people who were only granted subsidiary protection in Germany.


European refugee crisis 2016

Rumours about Germany

#RumoursAboutGermany – All those fleeing or illegally migrating to Germany are granted asylum in Germany? Minor children are automatically allowed to stay in Germany?

Wrong! Each case is treated individually. Those who are not granted permission to stay must leave Germany. Age is not the crucial factor. There is no guarantee that a residence permit will be granted to minor children.There is no such thing as asylum for economic reasons!

#RumoursAboutGermany – Welcome payment?

Contrary to rumours and misinformation deliberately spread by human traffickers, Germany does not provide a welcome payment. By spreading such lies, human traffickers knowingly put people’s lives in danger.

#‎RumoursAboutGermany‬ – You can get by with English in Germany?

German is the only language spoken in everyday life, the public authorities and most companies in Germany.

#RumoursAboutGermany – Germany provides all refugees with jobs? Everyone who comes to Germany can attend university, regardless of what residence permit they have?

The German Government does not provide refugees with jobs. Refugees who arrive in Germany without prior permission are only allowed to work after a certain period of time and must find work themselves. It often takes many years before a refugee is allowed to work legally in Germany. Universities in Germany are not open to everyone.

#RumoursAboutGermany – All refugees I know in Europe are successful?

In most cases, refugees invest their own money – and often that of their relatives – in order to reach Europe. It is obvious that they portray this step as a success to people back home, even if the reality is unfortunately quite different. Many refugees in Germany who are unqualified or do not speak German are unemployed.