Osterode visiting Kaolack

Visit of a delegation of Osterode to Kaolack Enlarge image Visit of a delegation of Osterode to Kaolack (© T. Rusterberg (Osterode))

Under the direction of Mayor Klaus Becker, a delegation from Osterode visited Kaolack in January.

Kaolack and Osterode have been connected for several years: there is a regular exchange of groups of students between the partner school PASCH Lycée Valdiodio Ndiaye in Kaolack and the Tilman-Riemenschneider-Gymnasium in Osterode.

During an exchange at the Ambassador's residence at the end of their stay in Senegal, the delegation informed the German Ambassador Stephan Röken about the results of the visit and annouced the signature of an agreement signed with Baba Ndiaye, President of the Departmental Council of Kaolack, to deepen the cooperation.