49 German scholarships for CESAG students

DAAD-Scholarship ceremony at CESAG in January 2018 Enlarge image DAAD-Scholarship ceremony at CESAG in January 2018 (© CESAG Dakar)

Since 2008, the German Government, through DAAD, the German Academic Exchange Office, has been awarding scholarships to deserving Master's (and in the meantime PhD) students of CESAG.

Ambassador Stephan Röken presented a symbolic cheque to CESAG Director General Pr. Boubacar Baidari at a ceremony at CESAG in January.
Beneficiary students and doctoral students come from different countries of the ECOWAS sub-region. The good news is that for the first time six Senegalese students are part of the programme, thanks to in-country scholarships.

The African Centre for Graduate Studies in Management CESAG has as its leitmotif "the emergence of talent in the service of Africa".

Presentation of symbolic cheque Enlarge image Presentation of symbolic cheque (© CESAG Dakar)