Support for cattle breeding and market gardening in Nianing

In 2017, the embassy has financed the construction of a cowshed in Nianing (Mbour region) for 5000 Euro. The project was financed under the embassy’s financial support program for small-scale development projects. Implemented by the NGO „Ferme agricole des frères du Sacré Coeur“, the project’s objective is to protect the cattle  from bad weather conditions, and thus to improve the local population’s meat supply cattle in a village in Senegal Enlarge image cattle in a village in Senegal (© German Embassy Dakar)

Further, the embassy has supported the same NGO with a 5000 Euro grant to build protective fences around a plot of land of one hectare. The plot of land provides individual beds for 20 women to grow vegetables (mainly onions, tomatoes, cabbage), parts of which they sell. Market gardening in Nianing/Senegal Enlarge image Market gardening in Nianing/Senegal (© German Embassy Dakar) With the earnings, the women are better able to feed their children and pay for their schools.